Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Book Club Without a Book

A year or so ago my girlfriend came up with a fabulous idea.  Let's have a book club, minus the book.  Let's face it, I really have no interest in reading right now.  With so much else going on in a day, I tend to watch a sitcom and call it a night, instead of reading, which is probably a better choice, but oh well.  Instead I have much more fun just hanging out with the girls.

About once a month we all get together and do something different.  We have gone to Hot Yoga, which by the way was the best workout I have ever had.  We have had a movie and cocktail night, secret Santa and many more.  Tonight is our 4th clothing swap.

The rules are are simple:

  1. Bring 10 items of clothing (we found out that more than that takes the entire night to go through).
  2. Bring as many accessories as you would like (shoes, purses, scarves etc).
  3. Anything you don't want to take back will be donated.
  4. Bring a munchie.
  5. Laugh a lot!
This is a great way to add random pieces to your wardrobe and have a ton of fun.  We all need some girl time once in a while!



Whitney said...

This is suuuch a great idea! Im going to be living with my best friends next year and it would be so fun to do something like this to keep our wardrobes new and exciting! :) I hope you have a great Sunday!


The Future Mrs. C said...

Love your blog! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!

Danielle said...

I love this idea. Visiting from FTLOB - Im going to take a look around. Also - Love the name of your blog!


Jen said...

Thanks for the love! I am very new and still working out my blogging jitters.

Ada said...

That's a great idea! I think you've hit the nail on the head in that book clubs are just an excuse to hang out with good friends. And why bother reading a book when there are so many other reasons to have regular get-togethers. Your clothing swaps sound really fun!

melody-mae said...

I stopped by from Comment love sunday at ftlob and your blog title brought me over...;) 'love me some red, please'

anyway, oh my...I LOVE the idea of a clothing fun is that???? Great idea!

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I am in a parents group, we have an actual book club but some people refer to it as a wine club with a reading problem. We also have a monthly "moms time out". Which is a night or day away. We have done everything from basic eating and drinking, to wine tasting, cooking classes, karaoke, pole dancing, you name it.

We have one or two big (all women) parties a year. We have done a few clothing swaps and a "Wine and Weddings" party that we all bring our wedding albums. So funny, we did a guess who's wedding dress game.



Jen said...

Wow! Thank you for those great ideas I absolutely love girl time. We stayed up until 4:30am chatting and had so much fun after our clothing swap. Karaoke is definitely on my list.