Friday, April 8, 2011

Collectible Condoms?

     The upcoming Royal wedding has been featured on the news over and over.  I have caught bits and pieces of information surrounding the events and I am happy for the Prince, but not sure if I will put aside the better part of my day to watch it.  One of the most interesting things that caught my attention is the amount of collectibles that can be purchased to remember this special day.  Some of them are, in my opinion, worthy of purchasing and displaying.  Others, well,  are just plain weird.  Here are some of the weird items I have found:

  • Commemorative Fridge - That's right.  Now you can have 2 more sets of eyes staring at you as you polish off a bottle of wine while burning dinner.
  • Pez Despensers - I know, they make these for all sorts of characters.  But popping candy from a cartoon character head seems much more appetizing.  
  • Tea Bags - Not sure why she dollar bills flying out of her dress...
  • Barf Bags - Nothing says love like blowing chunks on April 29th
  • Condoms - "Lie Back and Think of England" THAT is what you are supposed to think of during sex...huh.   Careful kids, these are a novelty.  
Those were some of the funnier ones I have found. I am sure there are many more out there.  On a more serious note, the Royal Couple will be donating most of their wedding gifts to local charities.  It is not because they are ungrateful, instead it is predicted that they will receive in upwards of 6000 gifts on their special day. So instead of spending the time and energy to return the products, or let them go unused, they give them to others.  Kudos to them!


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Crystal said...

OMG, I never even dreamed of collectible like this. I just figured I'd catch up online after the event had happened.
What's up with him not wanting to wear a wedding ring?