Friday, May 6, 2011

The Not-So-Missing Salty


I think everyone recognizes this little guy from the Knorr Sidekicks commercial.  If not, let me explain.  Knorr has started to remove salt from their products.  The commercial has this sad little Salty wondering the streets, sobbing in the rain, looking for a new home.  

I am thoroughly convinced that he lives in my house.  I try my hardest to buy healthy food and snacks for everyone else in my house, but when it comes down to my eating habits, I will always choose the salty one.

I crave salt like a person craves nicotine.  I know what that feels like, since I smoked back in the day.  Sometimes I wonder if I should go and but a salt-lick, just like you see cows licking in the barnyard.

The good thing is, I don't generally add salt to food on my plate.  I just eat the prepared salty food like nuts, chips, popcorn and so on.  The bad thing is, my fridge is full of fruits and vegetables and I ignore them.  I am an educated person and should know better, but I can't seem to stop myself.  

So my question is, how do I kick this habit?  I am in a rut!



Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

How is your health? Are you healthy, if so and you feel good then who cares...right.

But if you need a change, start with one or two changes. Maybe have one snack a day that is fresh fruit and veggies. Eat an apple dipped into a little peanut butter (salty, sweet and crunchy). Or mix salted almonds with unsalted ones.

I am not a big salt person but I love sauce, which is full of salt and sometimes sugar. I am not willing to kick the habit.



Jacqui' said...

he has to be the cutest thing ever!!

Jen said...

Oh I never thought about the sauce thing. I love sauce too.

Yes, I am a healthy person, medically. I carry around more weight than I should, but other than that, I have no issues. I will try the peanut butter dipping. I LOVE peanut butter!

Theresa said...

You might like my article on Understanding your cravings. Check it out!

Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday!

Dave said...

The commercial where Pepper is posting missing signs around the city is the saddest commercial, I want to cry whenever it comes on, the kids think it is funny so if I am not in the room when it is on they make sure to call me in :( I want pepper to find his beloved salt lol