Friday, July 22, 2011

iPhone VS Blackberry


It's true my friends, I am stepping out of the stone-age and into modern technology.  But, I have no idea where to start.  So I am asking for a short comment on which phone you would choose and why.  That's it, one simple question, iPhone or Blackberry??



JamieS said...

Are these your only two choices?

I had a Blackberry for a couple of years and it was great. Then I got to play with my moms Iphone 3 and found out what my Blackberry was missing.

The internet browsing on the blackberry is terrible compared to the iphone. My service provider is Sprint, so of course, they dont have the iphone. Instead, I got a HTC EVO, which is an android phone. 4g, beautiful picture, a fantastic app for voicemail, works just like a little computer! I love it.
Don't tell my mom, but I think it is better than her phone...

Jen said...

Well, to be honest I have heard nothing about the Android. Maybe it has something to do with living in Canada, or maybe it's because my friends seem to have BB or iPhone. I just assumed they were the top 2. This is why I asked. Honestly, I have no clue about what to get next. Thanks for the info!

Jill said...

I had a Blackberry and thought I loved it until DH got the iPhone. Now I have an iPhone and will never turn back! BB just doesn't have the apps and capabilities of the iPhone. It's greatest use is BBM which is just glorified texting.

Gave you the Butterfly Award! Come on by for the rules!

Jen B said...

I have a BB. I do have the new operating system and its a big improvement. I know people who have iphones and love them- just depends how technical you want to get (since it took you so long to choose, im thinking you arent that technical-- j.k). I do love BBM and talking for free to all my friends. You can get chat programs for iphones as well. If you love your ipod touch, you will see that an iphone is exactly the same, with phone and camera capabilities. My bb has most of the same things as well though?! Depends on your provider, but you might get the BB for free. So check the deals.