Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who Knew??

I am an avid user of Bath and Body Works lotion.  But sometimes, I get carried away and buy so much, there is not enough days in the year to wear it.  I went to apply one of my favourite lotions after neglecting it for a while, only to find that is smelled funny.  Just off.  Not a big deal.  I will chuck it and but some more, after all, I have no idea when I bought it, and there is no stamped expiry on the bottle.  So I venture into my local BBW store, and as I am running around smelling everything, a very nice employee approaches me to see if I need any help.  I tell her I am hoping they have some Secret Wonderland since I think mine is expired.  She says, "Just bring it in.  You will get a new one.  No receipt. 100% satisfaction guaranteed."  So even though, I admitted to having no idea how old this cream was, I can still take it in and get a new one.  Fabulous!  I love customer service like this!

Have an awesome Thursday, and to my American friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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This Mom said...

This is good to know!

I bought one of their soaps right before I hosted a party and the pump didn't work. I'm sure I could have returned that too, but it was too late, so I just poured it into an older bottle.

Just found you through the Follow Me, I'm Canadian directory!